Roselle Park Middle School Home


Principal's Message 11-24-2021

Dear Middle School Families, 
Our middle school staff has long realized that you have all entrusted us with your most precious gift so in these, the most trying of educational times, I continue to be overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness, patience, and support. 
Who would have thought that we would have faced such times. However, as we are approaching almost two years in this pandemic, you our families, continue to work with us all as we implement our safety protocols that have kept our school doors open for active learning. For this I am eternally grateful and with deep appreciation I offer this up at Thanksgiving time. 
I do not think any of us ever conceived that this pandemic would linger and it has placed a tremendous burden on us all. Nevertheless, all our families have and continue to play a critical role in uniting and motivating our children to persevere through mask mandates, quarantines, social distancing, and alternative scheduling. It has not been easy, trying at times, but parents and families have been the backbone in the implementation of the most of these safety protocols.
I mentioned earlier that I share with you the gift of your children so I am deeply aware of yours and the entire community’s support in ensuring the health and safety of our kids. We wear masks, social distance, and quarantine for the sake of others and no school community can measure up to Roselle Park families in their selfless approach to others; we stick together, and simply put, that’s why we have remained open for active learning.
Sharing this message with you holds special meaning for me as it gives me a chance to reflect and give thanks for all my blessings. I am most grateful to serve you and this district and so very appreciative of your support. You can be sure that my thoughts will be with you and your family as we give thanks during this special holiday season. 
Happy Thanksgiving, 
Ms. Patricia A. Gois
Roselle Park Middle School Principal