Principal's Message

On behalf of myself and the entire staff of Roselle Park Middle School, I welcome you to the start of a new school year that will be filled with endless opportunities for our students.  It is with great honor that I start the new school year as Principal of Roselle Park Middle School.  Over the past year, I have enjoyed the privilege of working with our staff and students to ensure the success of our programs and to provide rewarding experiences both academically and socially.  I have been inspired each and every day by the amazing things accomplished at our school and I am committed to the continued achievements of our students and families.  As a team, we will continue to prepare our children for future success and will provide the foundations necessary for productive adult lives beyond classrooms. Our goals continue to include a strong focus on academics and supporting our positive school culture centered on the Panther PRIDE Motto of Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence.  We will also continue to focus on strengthening social emotional skills that are fundamental to the success of every student, by implementing our advisory lessons in small groups.
In addition to the academic classroom programs and a myriad of extracurricular activities facilitated by our teachers, our school has the services of a psychologist, social worker, learning consultant and guidance counselors to support the various needs of students.  We value the family-school connection and look forward to working with you in providing the best educational experiences for our students.  I encourage all students to begin the new school by joining available clubs and trying out for sports.  Our entire staff is ready to answer your questions or discuss concerns and successes, but please be sure to make an appointment to minimize interruptions in the educational process. Please feel free to email any staff member as needed.          
As we embark on a new school year, I look forward to working with all families to continue to strive for the best educational opportunities for students at Roselle Park Middle School.  
Michelle Queiruga

The staff of Roselle Park Middle School embraces the belief that all students can learn.  Our goal is to provide all children, regardless of socio-economic status, race, ethnic background or ability, the educational opportunity that will prepare them to function socially, economically, and politically in a democratic society.  Further, to prepare each child to live a worthwhile life and be a credit to his/her people and our nation as a whole.
Our educators in cooperation with parents will assist pupils in acquiring the body of knowledge necessary to meet the requirements of The Roselle Park Public Schools and the State of New Jersey.
The uniqueness and ultimate worth of each individual is an essential ingredient of our program.  Students and staff alike are encouraged to develop their abilities in a manner most conducive to the adaptation and adjustment to an ever changing and demanding world.  This task must be approached according to and be commensurate with their ability to assume responsibility.
Tradition is not to be accepted for the sake of tradition.  Where tradition is still valuable, we will apply the best instructional practices handed down from generation to generation that promotes student engagement and inquiry due to its proven worth and effectiveness. Traditional pedagogy that improves student achievement will be preserved and cherished.  Where educational practices are no longer an effective tool to help advance the academic success of our students, it should not be allowed to serve as an impediment to progress or change.
Since change is to be expected, a consistent analysis of our instructional approach is critical in providing a rigorous and relevant academic setting to promote student growth.  Change of a positive, constructive, and useful nature, shall be embraced.  Change for the sake of change is to be discouraged.  Change based on well-documented, well- structured arguments will be accepted.  If there is any validity to the concept of absolutes, then the most significant absolute must be the inevitability of change as we strive to effectively serve the students in our charge.